Working with the Right Search Firm for your Organization

Today I was speaking with a friend who is a recently retired university president. We were talking about his experience with search firms.

“I can tell you Keith, that I really like to deal with a search consultant who wants to work closely with me in understanding our strategic imperatives, threats and opportunities before, during and after presenting me with candidates for a key position in my cabinet.”

This was music to my ears because it is exactly what we strive to accomplish every day here at KULPER & COMPANY.

We are selective about the search assignments we accept.   Not every prospective client views the hiring process as a strategic exercise. The search assignments that most interest us are those where the client is faced with an urgent need to transform a key element or the entire operation of the organization.

Examples of successful “transformational” hires abound in our 20 years of experience in providing executive search consulting service:

1) A client who needs to radically transform the operation of their new product and process development operation for a billion-dollar annual revenue division of a multinational company.
2) A client who needs to bring in a new dean of their business school to assure continued growth and development in enrollment and student satisfaction in the face of fierce competition.
3) A client who must attract and hire a CFO who can partner with the CEO and board to bring much needed vision and sense of urgency to the organization’s financial operation.

Our goal is to help our clients attract leaders who possess a proven track record to effectively drive desired change and then help exceed the organization’s strategic growth and development objectives.

Does this sound like the kind of search firm you would like to be dealing with to help your university, company or not for profit organization? If so, please give us a call today; we are ready to listen to you.

Keith D. Kulper
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Keith D. Kulper

Founder & President

Keith D. Kulper is the president and founder of KULPER & COMPANY, LLC an executive search consulting firm working in the area of senior level leadership for academia and corporate innovation. We are strong advocates of nurturing the linkage between academic investigation/research and corporate innovation/full commercialization of new product solutions. We specialize in attracting proven leaders who can effectively drive transformational change. The firm operates an Advisory Board that meets annually to bring together leaders from academia and corporate innovation to help drive continuous improvement of our professional practice. We are also an investor in early stage companies. We take pride in supporting the growth and development of business and engineering schools at leading universities throughout the United States.