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7 Reasons to use KULPER & COMPANY to overcome senior level hiring challenges…

If you are a C-level executive, University President, NFP Executive Director or board member/trustee with responsibility to grow and develop your organization we are ready to help attract “A Level” people to your team. KULPER & COMPANY has proven experience identifying the very best talent for the most important leadership positions. We know that the key to successful executive search consulting requires effective listening. Once we hear what you have to say we will be able to quickly introduce the right professionals with the drive, ability and confidence to do an exemplary job. We know that there are many options when it comes to solving hiring challenges including internal recruiting departments, contingency recruiting firms and other retained search firms. The business keeps changing but the essentials of effective executive search consulting remain the same: our job is to make a long-lasting hiring match for your organization.

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Senior Leader Transition

China Trip 2014  Sloan Gahyee 596‘Tis the season….
The month of January is when many senior leaders decide to move on to their next challenge, announce retirement or are informed that things just aren’t working out… If you and your colleagues find yourselves wanting to have a deep look at qualified candidates who would be interested in coming to your organization it behooves you to speak with a professional executive search consultant.

Here are the key benefits:
Time will be saved….
Cost will be saved…..
Growth and Development Opportunities will be maximized….

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We published our first edition of NEWS FROM…KULPER & COMPANY today

We hope you will enjoy reading it and look forward to your feedback.

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Academic Search: Focus for KULPER & COMPANY

Our firm is one of the best in providing executive search consulting for academic and corporate search hiring needs. Because we are frequently asked about our Academic Search experience I thought it would be helpful to discuss it in my blog.

We focus on attracting transformational leaders who can step into Provost, VPAA, Dean and VP positions at leading research universities and drive growth and development. We are very experienced in completing Business & Engineering Dean, VP Research, Sponsored Grants Administration and senior faculty/chaired professorship searches.

Our corporate clients benefit from our academic search experience in that we are often able to connect them with top research university principal investigators to help with their product innovation initiatives.

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