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Is your university or college getting ready to initiate a search for a new Dean of your business school?

Now is the time to consider a few points that will make the search process flow well and result in the right candidate being hired.

1. Think long and hard about the key performance indicators of the job.

Many searches begin without enough consideration being given to reaching consensus about what the new Dean must accomplish by when in order to be judged a success by the provost, president, board of trustees, faculty, alumni and business community who will be served.   This is not hard to do but it does take persistence and patience.


2. Present your university or college to the right candidates in the best possible light

Having a very well written and professionally presented job description is critically important.   A job description that reads like a clone of those from even top 25 programs—may not stand out as well as it could and could do your school a true disservice.   Take the time to create a great position description.   It should include a discussion of the culture of the institution, current strengths and weaknesses of the business school and a vision for how the school should be transformed.

3.  Be honest—forthcoming and enthusiastic with potential candidates

The right “A Level”candidates will want to come to your university or college because it presents a career growth opportunity, it is located in the right place, the compensation is attractive and institution is one that he or she will be proud to be a part of….. but, you must be clear and consistent in what you say and do throughout the search process.

How can we help?

Call me and let’s have a chat  (973) 285 3850.   We have the track record and experience to get the results you need and want.  Looking forward to your call.

All the best,

Keith D Kulper



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