FULBRIGHT Program makes a difference

I was about to get started on today’s tasks when I saw the article about the Fulbright Program in today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed http://http://chronicle.com/article/Interactive-Map-Countries-and/129471/?sid=wb&utm_source=wb&utm_medium=en

I hope you can access it using the link inserted because the Chronicle writers did such a good job explaining what is happening with the program and why it continues to have such an excellent impact on world development.

When our son, Sloan, told us that he would become a Fulbright Fellow it sounded very good to us, but frankly, we knew very little about it other than it was a famous program designed to send talented and motivated American scholars to countries around the world to learn, teach and help. Sloan was motivated to go to Bangladesh. We wondered why he picked this country….it is very far from his home in America in every way imaginable. Over the past 7 months he has been sending reports of his progress coupled with digital images and videos . We have been amazed by the beauty of the country, the warmth of the people and the depth and breadth of the challenges they face as a developing nation. It is an ancient place of civilization with records tracing back 4,000 years. Check out the attached link:


Sloan’s research is in the field of social entrepreneurship which in my estimation is a relatively new area of academic focus. Sloan is using his skills in product design learned at MIT and RISD to help developing countries improve the lives of their citizens. For example to help reduce indoor air pollution from the use of kerosene for cooking and heating ( a world wide killer) he and his colleagues are developing solar heaters and cookers that are cheap, simple and effective. Examples of his work can be seen at:

The FULBRIGHT Program is looking at many, many global challenges and issues through the eyes of its Fellows and Scholars—very worthy and highly laudable. I hope my blog will encourage you to learn more about it.


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