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We focus on leadership searches for companies and universities who are at the intersection of research and development and entrepreneurship. The search assignments we accept and complete for R&D VPs, Directors, Managers or CTOs are fascinating and require an in-depth understanding of client needs before our search process can be utilized to attract the right candidate.

Right now we are working on a Manager Chemcial R&D search for Voltaix LLC; see www.kulpercompany.com > SEARCHES. Voltaix is a specialty gas and materials company with close ties to universities like Arizona State. It is a fascinating search from many perspectives not the least of which that we are working closely with the community of R&D professionals in the specialty gas/materials sector who support integrated circuit and advanced photovoltaics manufacturers. What makes the company so fascinating is that they are at the forefront of discovery in their field and they help make integrated chips run faster and more efficiently as well support the effectiveness of green/ renewable power generation.

The candidates we speak with are the people who make this industry grow and develop which is what it takes to attract the right slate of candidates for our client who is helping to create new knowledge and patented solutions for their clientele. Having a compelling story to tell about the client company operating at the forefront of R&D in specialty gases and materials is the icing on the cake and helps the search move that much faster and effectively.

If your company or university has some of the same qualities as Voltaix or Arizona State, I hope you will be in touch with us here at KULPER & COMPANY; we would love to be of help.

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About Keith Kulper

Keith D. Kulper is the president and founder of KULPER & COMPANY, LLC an executive search consulting firm working in the area of senior level leadership for academia and corporate innovation. We are strong advocates of nurturing the linkage between academic investigation/research and corporate innovation/full commercialization of new product solutions. We specialize in attracting proven leaders who can effectively drive transformational change. The firm operates an Advisory Board that meets annually to bring together leaders from academia and corporate innovation to help drive continuous improvement of our professional practice. We are also an investor in early stage companies. We take pride in supporting the growth and development of business and engineering schools at leading universities throughout the United States.

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