Senior Level Hiring: President, North American Sales and Business Development

Summer 2013 Chic MV 155

You and your management team have been doing a good job growing the business worldwide and a decision has been taken to hire a new person to lead the business in North America. It is very important that you bring in just the right person. You require assistance developing a short list of top candidates who you can first phone interview and then meet with face to face before making an offer.





What are your principal options?

1) List the position on a national job board/website and have your VP Human Resources screen the respondents/develop a short list of candidates.
2) Work with a European based search firm with an office in North America.
3) Retain a reputable US based search firm.

In order to get this done successfully you must be able to see enough candidates who will be right for the opportunity. Many of the candidates who you want to attract will not be looking to make a move at this time. To avoid careerist candidates who will see your position as a career stepping stone you need to position the value of the opportunity in the right way so it will appeal to a candidate who values loyalty, is willing to earn your trust and has a track record successfully delivering the results you and your colleagues are seeking.

Selecting a search firm who will take the time to really learn about your business and your company culture is essential to developing a group of candidates who will be just right for the role.   In the long run this will be the most cost effective and long lasting approach. You should expect to develop a solid relationship with the principal consultant of the firm in order for the process to move quickly and smoothly.

1) Review the search process and track record of completed searches of the firm.
2) Speak with the principal consultant who will handle your search.
3) Understand your role in defining the Key Performance Indicators of the position, compensation package, company strategy and then in providing useful feedback about the candidates firm introduces to you.

North America is the number one market in the world for high quality goods. If you and your colleagues want a larger share of the North American market you need the right leader for the top job.  If you are serious about attracting the right leader you will need to work with a search firm you can trust and who will have the capacity and experience to deliver a slate of top candidates.

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