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March 4, 2014
Dear Professional:
During this time of the year universities get particularly busy in their efforts to attract and hire qualified nursing and health professions faculty and administrators. We would be glad to hear from you if you are contemplating using a search firm to assist in the hire of critically needed faculty and administrators.
This year we expanded our service capacity with the addition of a former university nursing department chair to our search support team.
Rather than discuss the features and benefits of our service we thought that presenting a case study would be the best way to convey our service capabilities to you and your colleagues.

CASE STUDY: Remarks by University Nursing Department Chair

An undergraduate BS Nursing Program in a well-regarded university situated in a rural location with a critical need to recruit and hire 4 specialty credentialed tenure line nursing faculty:
• Med-Surgical,
• Mental Health,
• Pediatrics and
• Maternity.
“Our Nursing Program needed to hire specialty nursing tenure line faculty and we were encountering serious difficulties attracting them. Student enrollments were growing , we needed to comply with accreditation guidelines ahead of a site visit by the accreditation review team and achieve full curricular integration of clinical training utilizing the SimMan® system Additional faculty hires would also help balance the teaching load and enhance our ability to deepen the quality of the student learning experience.
After repeated attempts, (over a period of 2 years), to attract qualified candidates through local, regional and national advertising postings, a decision was made to seek outside assistance from the search firm.

Discussions with the president of the search firm, Keith Kulper, cumulated in a site visit to the school by Mr. Kulper to meet with me, our faculty and senior administrators of the university. The meetings that ensued provided ample opportunity for me to discuss the qualities and qualifications of the new faculty members we needed to hire and talk about the distinguishing features of our program, too. The search firm worked on the position description with us for several weeks until we all felt it was just right. When I interviewed the candidates presented to me by the search firm I could see that the candidates were well prepared to talk with me about why they felt they could make the contributions to our program that we needed from them. We didn’t waste time with interviewing candidates who were not well qualified which is what was happening when we tried to do this on our own. In addition to the inclusion of job requirements, our position description provided pictures of new SimMan® system, classroom facilities and the university. It was an attractive, accurate and compelling document which helped us attract the nursing faculty that we really needed.
As the search progressed, we were able to accelerate our decision making process significantly, since the candidates presented to us were qualified and motivated to come to our university. After in-depth vetting of academic credentials and reference checks by the search firm we were ready to proceed with job offers to the best qualified, and most enthusiastic, candidates.

Working together with the search firm saved us time and expense in the long run. It may seem obvious to say this, but our search firm made all the difference. This successful recruiting effort helped us assure reaccreditation of our nursing program as well as fulfillment of our teaching and learning goals for our students who are now actively serving in top hospitals around the country and all over the world”.

If you and your colleagues are interested in learning how KULPER & COMPANY could be of assistance to you and your colleagues, please contact . We look forward to reviewing your hiring needs.
Thank you.

Keith D. Kulper

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