—a great way for a young person to experience the world

It is a real pleasure to write this entry.

Many years ago I was privileged to travel to Europe with Dr Gil Markle and a group of college professors and secondary school instructors along with a large group of high school students from all over the country. At the time the organization was called the American Leadership Study Group ( ALSG). It was a life changing experience for me and for all of the other teenagers on the trip. We started in London –crossed the English Channel and headed off for incredible destinations throughout Europe with stops at US Embassies, world famous sites and a few discos, too! Dr Markle is the genius behind Passports, which is the successor organization of ALSG. Passports is the oldest and best travel/learning organization for high school and college students in the world.

I will be happy to share some anecdotes, but suffice it to say, Dr Markle organizes his trips with class and panache. If you have a youngster who you think could benefit from one of his trips—they are all excellent—then you might like to check out his website. Dr Markle has a staff that helps him organize and operate his many programs. Important for parents to know, he has always offered a very attractive deal to teachers and college profs ( and others) willing to act as the adult counseller(s) for a group of students coming from a particular school, university or program. For example, when I traveled with Dr Markle, our group from Delbarton School was led by Fr Karl Roesch, OSB. Fr Karl had a great time and we behaved for him because as he said. ” I will be seeing you in September!”

I am sharing this with you all as a “thank you” to Dr Markle for enriching my life, many years ago; the effects resonate for me to this day. The trip made me bigger in many ways. The students I traveled with were great and the counselers equally so—but, the depth and breadth of the experience —as led and organized by Dr Markle was unforgettable. I hope that my entry will encourage you to learn more—I had a great time and my memories remain fresh. Paris—Heidelberg–Innsbruck–Rome–Florence…..How fortunate I am to have had great parents who were willing to send me off for 6 weeks of travel, learning and fun. Maybe you will want to do the same for your young charges!

If so, I am sure that could be a great option.

Warm regards from an intrepid traveler—-ALSG lives!


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