Graduate Engineering AITU Member School Rankings

KULPER & COMPANY is studying online higher education in an effort to better serve our university prospects and clients.  The effort is concentrating on discovering which universities among our client and prospect groups are leading the way and which may have work to do.  As part of this effort we are studying which universities are creating the best outcomes from their online education effort in terms of student enrollment, profitability and other factors.   We are also seeking to identify which VPs, Deans and Directors of online education are the top thought leaders showing the way for others and helping to move university development and growth forward.

For AITU member universities the leader in online graduate engineering education is NYU POLYTECHNIC University. This is very nice to see given the fact that Robert Ubell, VP for Enterprise Learning  is a long-time friend of KULPER & COMPANY.  I met with Bob yesterday to gain his perspective on the state of online learning in higher ed but in particular for independent technical universities like NYU Poly.

Bob said, “Keith, if the university is not already at, or near the top, in overall rankings, like Harvard, MIT or Stanford, the importance of online higher education for the long term growth and development of the university cannot be overemphasized.  For NYU Poly it is a game changer for our graduate engineering program. In addition to bolstering enrollment for our graduate engineering programs in general, it also opens up numerous opportunities for us to provide specialized online education for corporations as well.   Our online program at NYU Poly has become a more and more important source of revenue for the university as demand for online graduate engineering programs grows and student enrollment increases”.

NYU POLY is ranked #9 by USWR among universities offering online graduate engineering programs; USC is ranked #1.

To help make the listing more meaningful for KULPER & COMPANY clients and prospects we organized the findings as shown below:

KULPER Clientele: AITU Member Universities  USWR Online Graduate Engineering Programs 

NYU Poly                       9       Top ranked AITU member school

*Norwich University     24      Top ranked NEASC member school

Stevens                           36     AITU member school

IIT                                           AITU member school   Rank calculated but not published

WPI                                         AITU member school   Rank not calculated

Clarkson                                  AITU member school   Rank not calculated


KULPER Prospects: AITU Member Universities (only)

Drexel                                                                                     #35

MI Tech Univ                                                                           41

Kettering                                                                                   46

IIT                                                                                 rank calculated but not published

NJIT                                                                                           “

RIT                                                                                             “

Case Western                                                                            “


RPI                                                                              rank not calculated

Carnegie Mellon                                                                        “

Cal Tech                                                                                     “

Embry Riddle                                                                            “

Rose Hulman                                                                             “

Cooper Union                                                                            “

OLIN                                                                                         “

Harvey Mudd                                                                           “

Keck                                                                                           “

MIT                                                                                            “

Lawrence Tech                                                                          “

Milwaukee School of Eng.                                                        “

Webb Institute                                                                          “

What do these rankings for AITU member schools imply?  As Bob Ubell told me yesterday, “online graduate engineering programs for NYU Poly helps with student recruitment, enrollment and financial performance”.  AITU member schools are nationally recognized engineering and technical schools but as the importance of online higher education grows AITU member universities who are not working to advance their offerings in this critical area of higher education will find themselves losing ground in their ability to recruit students and build enrollment.

Here at KULPER & COMPANY our goal is to help our clients and prospects attract the best leaders for their most strategically important initiatives.  We work on senior level academic and administrative search assignments for universities and companies that operate at the intersection of academic research, pedagogy and innovation.


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