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Interview in Dartmouth Daily Newspaper

I was interviewed this week by Charlie Rafkin from the Dartmouth Daily Newspaper…..

Dartmouth church steepleCharlie’s article provides various perspectives about the upcoming search for the next Dean of Dartmouth College; I was pleased to respond to his questions.



Dartmouth College steeple

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PENN STATE Names new new Online Learning Head

Congratulations to Dr. Renata Engel, Penn State’s new Vice Provost for Online Learning, Given the importance of Penn State and the size of their enrollment, the selection of a new leader for their online learning program bears watching for many reasons.  Dr Engel is both an engineer and an expert in educational teaching excellence.  It is apparent that the trustees of Penn State are declaring: we want to significantly grow and develop our online learning program. The cost of traditional “on-ground” undergraduate and graduate higher education is becoming increasingly unsustainable.  Families who believe in the importance of higher education must come up with creative ways to fund their child’s undergraduate degree; in some cases costing up to $60,000 per year.  Likewise, obtaining a graduate degree without inclusion of a full or partial fellowship is a very big challenge for most students.  Using online learning technology to help rein in costs without degradation of the learning experience–while enlarging the student enrollment– is a winning formula.  And, as on the online systems keep improving there will be instances where the data will confirm that the online offerings are simply a better and more effective way to learn difficult and complex subject matter. Large university systems like Penn State will create better and bigger gateways for global learning that may, one day, usher in the 1,ooo,ooo member freshman class.  While traditionalists bemoan the potential degradation of the academy we must balance their concern with the life changing benefits of higher education. KULPER & COMPANY can assist universities and colleges with implementation and refinement of their online learning strategy by assisting with the recruitment of their online learning leadership.

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Hiring decision making information

I am sharing the links to two worthwhile articles—-the first is from Julie Bennink from Accenture where she discusses the importance and benefits of vendor outsource relationship management.

The second article relates to tweaks being made to the highly successful and important online higher ed learning program at Southern NH University

I hope you will find both pieces interesting and beneficial.

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5/2/14 Unemployment Report …and senior level hiring opportunities



IMG_1065The news out of Washington DC today relative to the unemployment rate is very positive; 6.3% is the lowest unemployment rate in years and indicative of an increasingly stronger economy.

Our firm conducts senior level search assignments for universities and companies that are focused on research and innovation.   As the economy continues to accelerate we expect our phones to be ringing more frequently from clients who need us to help them attract the right leaders for their organization.

For boards of directors and university trustees this is an important inflection point relative to attracting the best leaders for key roles; the competition for talent will increase significantly as the year progresses.

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