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Survey Results ONLINE Learning Independent Colleges

This survey, compiled by LEARNING HOUSE provides a good overview of the results that are being delivered from online learning initiatives as viewed by VPAA/Chief Academic Officers of independent colleges. Key findings: Nearly all respondents report that revenue is increasing from online offerings//nearly 20% are generating more than $1MM in annual revenue; breadth of courses is broadening/management-business and health related rank at the top; Increasing international enrollments and adding hybrid graduate programs are the top plans for online learning for the next one or two years.
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Nursing and Health Sciences Search: Message to Hiring Decision Makers

Higher Ed Nursing &
Health Professions Search

a department of KULPER & COMPANY, LLC

March 4, 2014
Dear Professional:
During this time of the year universities get particularly busy in their efforts to attract and hire qualified nursing and health professions faculty and administrators. We would be glad to hear from you if you are contemplating using a search firm to assist in the hire of critically needed faculty and administrators.
This year we expanded our service capacity with the addition of a former university nursing department chair to our search support team.
Rather than discuss the features and benefits of our service we thought that presenting a case study would be the best way to convey our service capabilities to you and your colleagues.

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