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Graduate Engineering AITU Member School Rankings

KULPER & COMPANY is studying online higher education in an effort to better serve our university prospects and clients.  The effort is concentrating on discovering which universities among our client and prospect groups are leading the way and which may have work to do.  As part of this effort we are studying which universities are creating the best outcomes from their online education effort in terms of student enrollment, profitability and other factors.   We are also seeking to identify which VPs, Deans and Directors of online education are the top thought leaders showing the way for others and helping to move university development and growth forward.

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Online Higher Education

October 11, 2013
Online Higher Education Learning Initiatives

KULPER Advisory Board member, Jaime Robertson Lavalle founder and managing director of Zermatt Dusk ( a growth strategy and leadership development consultancy), has been helping us hone the marketing and strategic positioning for KULPER & COMPANY. Jaime always talks about the importance of keeping our message clear and focused; he is an HBS grad with an excellent ability to see a clear pathway to strategic goals.

Because KULPER & COMPANY is focused on working with  engineering, science & business universities as well as companies engaged in continuous innovation and product development, we think that our findings about online higher education will prove useful to clients and prospects in our primary markets.

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