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Leadership Forum: Sander Flaum at William Paterson University 10 4 11

As part of my service to our clients and friends of KULPER & COMPANY–both in higher ed and industry– I enjoy helping to foster better understanding and communication among those who actually lead, and those that study leadership.

Because I am member of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University we have been considering various ways in which we can help the students and raise the profile of our fine college of business–which is AACSB accredited and boasts one of the finest sales leadership and investment training programs anywhere in the country. About 1 year ago we talked about initiating a LEADERSHIP FORUM where I would interview leaders from a wide variety of industries about their views on leadership, their field of endeavor, and how they got to where they are today.

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KULPER & COMPANY–Current Market Activity

It is such a choppy market out there. The media is having a field day bringing up the ‘R’ word every other breath—( CNBC, Bloomberg, etc) and worrying about the end of the Euro–the demise of Greece –financial institution contagion. The DOW’s tumble today notwithstanding we are not anywhere near the scary times of fall 08. The market was in free fall then and I was ready to hang my ( then) money manager.

What is happening, now? In our perspective here our clients are certainly concerned about what is going on but they are retaining us for their most important search assignments at the fastest pace in 5 years! Executive search firms can be viewed as a reliable market place barometer….

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September 15th 2011

The world is a different place every day. We listen to the news and hear about the many doings around the globe …all of which seem to be double edged. We can take heart in remembering that this is the way things have always been on the planet and will likely always be. Good people still need to take action to make the right things happen so, complacency is rarely the solution.

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