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University Research Spending

In today’s Chronicle of Higher Education there is an excellent chart reflecting research fund raising and spending. The universities shown on the list are showing their commitment to creating new knowledge; these schools bear our attention.

Perhaps the idea of the chart was to show how self funded research did not necessarily increase the amount of outside funded research. However, the total funding/spending # is what is perhaps most relevant. It shows that the universities can be self reliant and not wholly dependent on state, federal and private sources of funding to drive their efforts to create new knowledge. Kudos to the schools who are producing great outcomes with the funding they are generating and attracting.

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HIGH Tech Hiring Challenges/The Engineer Shortage

If you are a CEO of a high tech company that depends on hiring qualified engineers for key positions involved with product development, testing and roll out, I don’t need to tell you about the hiring challenges you face. As the CEO of an early stage company recently commented when I expressed frustation over the current state of affairs involving the dearth of available /qualified engineering talent who possess permanent residency status or American citizenship—“welcome to my world, Keith”! Engineers translate product concepts and solutions into viable revenue producing products and services. Engineers create solutions that can be reproduced in a highly reliable, cost effective and profitable manner. Engineers learn the scientific method, understand immutable scientific laws and are able to effectively apply them in ways that create entirely new businesses: think Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FORD, Dow Corning, JP Morgan Bank ( yes, financial services needs engineers, too!)

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