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Happy 50th Anniversary: Bob Dylan comes to NYC & NJ

For those of you who know me over the years you are aware that I am a big fan of Bob Dylan. His music, poetry and artistry have had –and will continue to have—a tremendous impact and influence on our culture and on global consciousness as well.

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NYC Engineering and Innovation: Mayor Bloomberg Press Conference featuring KULPER AB member President Jerry Hultin NYU Polytechnic University

Dear Colleagues
As you all know we are keenly interested in higher education and innovation—-it is our focus here at KULPER—“where higher ed meets corporate innovation”.

It is a pleasure to share with you a video of yesterday’s press conference at Columbia University concerning the initiatives of Mayor Bloomberg and fellow K-AB member, President Jerry Hultin –NYU Polytechnic University. Our new friend Dr Buzz Paaswell at City University also figures prominently in the news conference.

KDK NOTE: Jerry and Buzz were integral parts of a news conference this week that included Mayor Bloomberg and other NYC based leaders in engineering higher ed/entrepreneurship

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Barron’s Rountable Comment: KDKULPER on STEM/Higher Ed issues

Today’s issue of Barron’s contains some great remarks by their august round table members about the forecast for the economy in 2011 and beyond. Abby Joseph Cohen, who is an important member of the senior team at Goldman Sachs remarked about the paucity of students who graduate our universities with degrees in science, engineering etc. I could not agree more that this is real issue that could perhaps be addressed by smart Deans and professors who recognize the same problem
Here is what I said today as comment in Barrons

All the best

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It is a real pleasure to write this entry.

Many years ago I was privileged to travel to Europe with Dr Gil Markle and a group of college professors and secondary school instructors along with a large group of high school students from all over the country. At the time the organization was called the American Leadership Study Group ( ALSG). It was a life changing experience for me and for all of the other teenagers on the trip. We started in London –crossed the English Channel and headed off for incredible destinations throughout Europe with stops at US Embassies, world famous sites and a few discos, too! Dr Markle is the genius behind Passports, which is the successor organization of ALSG. Passports is the oldest and best travel/learning organization for high school and college students in the world.

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Research & Innovation: NJ Style

Since the earliest days of mankind, ideas have driven the progress and survival of our species. As many know, New Jersey is the State that innovates. We have been that way all along. Probably because we are so close to two major cities, New York and Philadelphia, and there was and still is, room here for researchers to set up labs and have at it. These researchers often go on to licensing what they invent and some set up their own companies, hence the reason for our support and interest in their activities. KULPER & COMPANY supports early stage innovation—both at universities and the companies—through our efforts to help attract top talent as well as through direct investment.

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Stepping up to CEO or President: What does it take?

I get called frequently from candidates interested in growing and developing their careers. Some of them are looking forward to having the big job in the corner office and think that a search firm can help them into that seat. They are right to think that…as a high percentage of CEO and President jobs are filled with the assistance of an exec search consultant. There are many books that address this topic so I will not offer a comprehensive step by step approach but from time to time I will share my thoughts about this interesting topic in my blog.

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How to interact with an Internal Candidate during a search

I was speaking today with one of our clients and we discussed an important question: ” How do we handle an internal candidate for the VP search we conducting with KULPER & COMPANY?”

As with most searches we conduct for our clients there is typically an internal candidate that the client would like to consider even when the decision has been made by the President, COO or Provost to conduct a nationwide external search. It is really important to remember that internal candidates are colleagues and will likely stick around regardless of the outcome of the search. Clearly, they should be treated with sensitivity and honesty throughout the search process because they will talk with their friends inside the company or university about how fairly and professionally they felt they were treated throughout the search process.

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ADP Jobs Report

This morning’s ADP jobs report is the kind of quantitative verification that we have been expecting here at KULPER & COMPANY because our phone has been ringing much more often from prospective clients in the past 2 months—but particularly, this week! KORN FERRY KFY: NYSE (a reliable indicator for the financial health of the executive search consulting business) recently reported very solid earnings. Challenger, Gray a national outplacement firm has concurrently reported very low lay off rates among their key clientele .

The signals are very positive for the economic recovery which should keep accelerating in 2011 and into 2012.

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