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Industry Specialization and Search Outcomes

One of the first questions we get here at our firm when we are speaking with a prospective client is: “What is your area of Specialization?”

Our specialization is working with universities and companies that place a high value on innovation and entrepreneurship—-hence, our branding tag line:
KULPER & COMPANY excels at Senior Level searches where academia meets corporate innovation

I like to say that we are really interested in handling senior level search assignments for companies and universities that are driving research, innovation and entrepreneurship through their various initiatives. As a result we are frequently retained to perform Dean and VP search assignments for universities that are focused on business and engineering. For companies we are frequently asked to help out with Directors of Technology, Chief Technology or VP Research positions. This is our favored “channel” of activity in part because I really like to be involved with the implementation of cutting edge research and innovation.

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Key Considerations before Launching a Search

As you consider whether or not to launch a search for a key leadership position at your University or company I would like to encourage you to consider a few key factors:

1) Top candidates are concerned about being part of an organization that is strategically moving in the right direction so that their careers will develop and advance accordingly.

2) Hiring organizations that are forthcoming and clear about their objectives for a key leadership position “by when”—will catch the eye of top candidates.

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R&D: The Nexus of university and business

Good morning:
At our most recent KULPER Advisory Board Meeting at NJIT on Decemember 7th, hosted by SVP for Research & Development, Don Sebastian, the board members were treated to a display of several of the top companies in the NJIT incubator, brief remarks from the Exec Director of the NJ R&D Council, Kim Wozniak, Esq., a presentation by Switch2Health CEO, Seth Tropper and summary comments from me. The theme of the meeting was to bring together leaders from a wide variety of areas to engage in a discussion about the practical ways the universities and businesses can work together to promote effective solutions to some of the most vexing challenges we face in the areas of education, healthcare, energy, communications, finance and other fields that rely on the continuous application of innovation to thrive and prosper. My message to them is that KULPER & COMPANY will do all we can to bring together leaders from business, academia and government to encourage the development of creative responses to these important challenges.

KULPER & COMPANY is the search firm “where higher education meets corporate innovation” and the winners are our clients and candidates—and the members of our firm, too, since we are active players in matching leaders with great opportunities.

Do you want to learn more about how we help our clients attract right leaders who know how to bring forward true innovation? It is no secret that success comes from in-depth understanding of client need and then a proven ability to engage potential candidates who are interested in tackling the leadership challenges that our clients possess. Experience, hard work, commitment and a passion for seeing the right hiring outcomes are what drive KULPER & COMPANY’s continual growth and development as a premiere search firm in the area of R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship for higher education and business.

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10th Annual Year in IDEAS NYTimes

As a budding “angel” investor I am always on the look out for new and interesting companies…..
I hope you will all enjoy this article featuring innovations from a host of creative minds that my wife Denise shared with me.



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Search Committee Issues–KULPER & COMPANY Comments

This morning my colleague Dr Lucie Lapovsky forwarded me an article that appeared in INSIDE Higher Ed—-Lucie sent it to me because we have discussed how challenging it can be to effectively guide an academic search committee through a search process. I would hasten to add that the issues described in the article below can be similar in corporate searches. Please see my comments about the article –below. I invite your input as well.
All the best

Search Committee Snafus
December 15, 2010 – Inside Higher Education
By Stephen Winzenburg
Colleges pride themselves on being methodical when conducting job searches. Years of experience lead most faculty and staff members to think that they do a pretty good job dealing with potential candidates.

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How to approach exec search

Many of our clients tell us that executive search is a bit of a mystery to them. Essentially, why should they pay us to do something as easy as hiring a key employee should really be?

Executive search is a consulting service that derives its value from helping client companies attract, qualify and hire the right candidate for a key leadership role. The marketplace is huge and there are many —many great people out there anxious to apply themselves toward a challenge that will enrich their career and financial circumstances. What makes executive search so valuable is that we save our clients time and effort by helping them attract the right hired candidate.

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