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FULBRIGHT Program makes a difference

I was about to get started on today’s tasks when I saw the article about the Fulbright Program in today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed http://

I hope you can access it using the link inserted because the Chronicle writers did such a good job explaining what is happening with the program and why it continues to have such an excellent impact on world development.

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R&D Leadership Searches

We focus on leadership searches for companies and universities who are at the intersection of research and development and entrepreneurship. The search assignments we accept and complete for R&D VPs, Directors, Managers or CTOs are fascinating and require an in-depth understanding of client needs before our search process can be utilized to attract the right candidate.

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Leadership Forum: Sander Flaum at William Paterson University 10 4 11

As part of my service to our clients and friends of KULPER & COMPANY–both in higher ed and industry– I enjoy helping to foster better understanding and communication among those who actually lead, and those that study leadership.

Because I am member of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University we have been considering various ways in which we can help the students and raise the profile of our fine college of business–which is AACSB accredited and boasts one of the finest sales leadership and investment training programs anywhere in the country. About 1 year ago we talked about initiating a LEADERSHIP FORUM where I would interview leaders from a wide variety of industries about their views on leadership, their field of endeavor, and how they got to where they are today.

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KULPER & COMPANY–Current Market Activity

It is such a choppy market out there. The media is having a field day bringing up the ‘R’ word every other breath—( CNBC, Bloomberg, etc) and worrying about the end of the Euro–the demise of Greece –financial institution contagion. The DOW’s tumble today notwithstanding we are not anywhere near the scary times of fall 08. The market was in free fall then and I was ready to hang my ( then) money manager.

What is happening, now? In our perspective here our clients are certainly concerned about what is going on but they are retaining us for their most important search assignments at the fastest pace in 5 years! Executive search firms can be viewed as a reliable market place barometer….

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PICMET KEY NOTE Speech August 4, 2011

PICMET Keynote Speech: August 4, 2011 830AM

Keith D Kulper, President, KULPER & COMPANY, LLC

It is a real pleasure to be with you all this morning; my wife, Denise and I are both honored to be here. Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of PICMET; Dundar, you and your colleagues have done an exceptional job. PICMET is the key global leader in the field of technology management research and innovation; thank you for asking me to address the group today.

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University Research Spending

In today’s Chronicle of Higher Education there is an excellent chart reflecting research fund raising and spending. The universities shown on the list are showing their commitment to creating new knowledge; these schools bear our attention.

Perhaps the idea of the chart was to show how self funded research did not necessarily increase the amount of outside funded research. However, the total funding/spending # is what is perhaps most relevant. It shows that the universities can be self reliant and not wholly dependent on state, federal and private sources of funding to drive their efforts to create new knowledge. Kudos to the schools who are producing great outcomes with the funding they are generating and attracting.

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HIGH Tech Hiring Challenges/The Engineer Shortage

If you are a CEO of a high tech company that depends on hiring qualified engineers for key positions involved with product development, testing and roll out, I don’t need to tell you about the hiring challenges you face. As the CEO of an early stage company recently commented when I expressed frustation over the current state of affairs involving the dearth of available /qualified engineering talent who possess permanent residency status or American citizenship—“welcome to my world, Keith”! Engineers translate product concepts and solutions into viable revenue producing products and services. Engineers create solutions that can be reproduced in a highly reliable, cost effective and profitable manner. Engineers learn the scientific method, understand immutable scientific laws and are able to effectively apply them in ways that create entirely new businesses: think Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FORD, Dow Corning, JP Morgan Bank ( yes, financial services needs engineers, too!)

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Reference Checking: It does work!

Please see article by Professor Gene Fant in today’s Chronicle of Higher Ed and my comment; good stuff.

All the best,

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Where Academia Meets Corporate Innovation: KULPER & COMPANY

As an owner of my own executive search firm for close to 15 years, I am always working at developing my search practice. Deciding which areas to focus on is a key concern. Last year our advisory board suggested that I make our value prop clearer to our prospective clients, so with the help of a few great friends we came up with the tag line for KULPER & COMPANY….”Where Academia meets Corporate Innovation” .

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R&D: The Nexus of university and business

Good morning:
At our most recent KULPER Advisory Board Meeting at NJIT on Decemember 7th, hosted by SVP for Research & Development, Don Sebastian, the board members were treated to a display of several of the top companies in the NJIT incubator, brief remarks from the Exec Director of the NJ R&D Council, Kim Wozniak, Esq., a presentation by Switch2Health CEO, Seth Tropper and summary comments from me. The theme of the meeting was to bring together leaders from a wide variety of areas to engage in a discussion about the practical ways the universities and businesses can work together to promote effective solutions to some of the most vexing challenges we face in the areas of education, healthcare, energy, communications, finance and other fields that rely on the continuous application of innovation to thrive and prosper. My message to them is that KULPER & COMPANY will do all we can to bring together leaders from business, academia and government to encourage the development of creative responses to these important challenges.

KULPER & COMPANY is the search firm “where higher education meets corporate innovation” and the winners are our clients and candidates—and the members of our firm, too, since we are active players in matching leaders with great opportunities.

Do you want to learn more about how we help our clients attract right leaders who know how to bring forward true innovation? It is no secret that success comes from in-depth understanding of client need and then a proven ability to engage potential candidates who are interested in tackling the leadership challenges that our clients possess. Experience, hard work, commitment and a passion for seeing the right hiring outcomes are what drive KULPER & COMPANY’s continual growth and development as a premiere search firm in the area of R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship for higher education and business.

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