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Chief Executive Officer
Early stage High Technology Company


Early stage High Technology Company based in Northern NJ with very important new technology involving the commercialization of "Cold Plasma" patented intellectual property. Company has approximately 22 employees at this time; active discussions with major licensees. There is an excellent/highly experienced Board of Directors in place who are investor/owners. New CEO will be empowered to lead strategic and operational initiatives as well as the sales and marketing tactical effort designed to "cross the chasm" to full commercial acceptance and a leadership market position in verticals such as Flat Panel Display, Medical Instrument Sterilization and others yet to be determined.

  • 15-20+yrs General Management: Progressively more important and successful roles managing/building a team of engineers, sales, marketing, operations, HR, financial and CS /ADM support associates. Large corporate Division Management or Small Company CEO--Easily verifiable.
  • High technology commercialization, product development, sales channel/ strategic partner development experience. Successful experience taking a company or division of a company "across the chasm" from initial traction to acceptance by mainstream buyers of the product and leadership market position.
  • Investment community deal making/ funding success that required leading or supporting "road show" type presentations.
  • Solid experience with all issues surrounding Intellectual Property development and management
  • Solid interaction and successful dealing with outside Board of Directors

Required Experience & Attributes:
  • Visionary leadership ability with solid success stories that support opportunity development / problem solving accomplishments
  • Science related Advanced Degree and MBA.
  • Very strong people and technical management skills
  • Trust engendering / empowering managerial style
  • Highest integrity and personal character
  • Knows industry related decision makers and can gain easy access
  • Understands market focus/ vertical market development and how to create the beach head and then deepen and broaden it until a market leadership position is achieved that meets or exceeds financial projections.

Preferred Experience & Attributes:
  • CEO of mid sized company that is still growing and succeeding or.........Div GM of Strategic Business Unit of a large corporate with successful track record that is continuing to expand and succeed in the high tech arena.
  • Knowledge of/experience with flat panel display, medical instrument sterilization and other market segments utilizing "cold plasma" technology
  • Knowledge of / experience with thin film deposition and other technical processes utilizing "cold plasma"
  • Strong background in theoretic and applied Physics--Adv Degree
  • Familiarity and friendship with key client decision makers in the flat panel, medical instrument sterilization and/or thin film deposition market segments.