Date of Issue:
March 03, 2005

Director, Office of Sponsored Research
Major Northeastern University


The Office of Institute technology Initiatives is seeking an experienced Director for its Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). The new Director will drive the successful administration of sponsored research grants and contracts from federal, state, local and private sources for Stevens Institute of Technology. This is a true career growth opportunity. An experienced professional who wants to create a meaningful impact on the long-term development of the Institute will find this opportunity particularly compelling. The job is located in Northern NJ on the beautiful campus of this major university.

Other Duties:

  • Implement new contracts/grant management system in OSR and throughout the Institute
  • Negotiate grants and contracts with issuers
  • Coordinate and supervise all audit, monitoring and scheduling for grant/contract administration activities including forward pricing rates and oversight of incurred cost audits by grant/contract issuers
  • Track grant and contract deliverables and keep projects on schedule and operating smoothly
  • Provide guidance, technical assistance and training to department staff to ensure that proper and timely accounting is being completed
  • Work closely with the VP of Technology Initiatives to develop and monitor the operating budget for the OSR as well as to advise of important changes in grant/contract regulations

  • Be the go to person for developing the OSR. Lead the administration of all sponsored grants and contracts. The Director is responsible for developing, negotiating, monitoring and administering federal, state, local, and private grants/contracts.
  • Ensure that the new GAMS system and current policies are executed properly and that new policies are implemented to meet evolving needs. Ensure GAMS is working and being used properly by both PIs and OSR.
  • Ensure compliance issues are met.
  • Build good rapport with ONR and maintain relationship
  • Monitor OSR to avoid cost overruns
  • Build trust, rapport and effective working relationships with OSR staff and grant originators throughout the Institute.
  • In addition to the VP of ITI, work closely with the Deans/Program Directors and other key administrators to provide regular reports of on-going grant/contract administration activities.
  • Ensure OSR policies and procedures are complied with and work with the VP of ITI to update as needed.

Required Experience & Attributes:
  • 10+ years in depth experience in public/not for profit grant and contract administration/management at a college, university or research institution. Will consider technology company or govt. organization.
  • Solid experience and track record in pre-post proposal preparation and contract negotiation.
  • Proven record of department supervision and leadership including track record managing multiple complex tasks while meeting strict deadlines associated with grant pre/post proposal activities and on-going administration of the OSR
  • Undergrad degree in business, marketing or management.
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local government rules and regulations concerning grant and contract administrationincluding FARSs, OMB and DCAA, A-21 NS A-133.
  • Experience working with auditors.
  • Excellent proposal writing skills.
  • Strong data base computer and PC skills including full MS suite.
  • College and/or Advanced degree

Preferred Experience & Attributes:
  • Certification from NATIONAL CONTRACT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION ( NCMA) or equivalent



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