August 22, 2016


K D Kulper






Dear KULPER Network Members:


We trust all is well with you, your colleagues and your family and we are pleased to update you on news of the firm.  If you are considering making a move and have the qualifications, the below HR Director position could be of real interest to you



Director of Human Resources, Drew University

This is an outstanding leadership opportunity for an experienced leader to head human resources at Drew University.  Drew is a nationally ranked liberal arts college located in beautiful Madison, New Jersey which is only 30 miles from New York City.  


We invite inquiries from qualified candidates and nominations of potentially qualified candidates.  We are interested in speaking with human resources professionals with 10+ years of progressively more responsible experience—particularly at a higher education institution.  Please review the position prospectus for detailed information about the opportunity.  The new HR Director reports to the VP for Finance and CFO.   Compensation is highly competitive.  Qualified candidates are asked to respond in confidence with their letter of interest and CV to:






It our pleasure to announce that the search for the new Director of Graduate Admissions for Bank Street College in New York City is now completed.  The hired candidate is an experienced, motivated professional looking forward to this excellent opportunity.


We want to thank all of you who spoke with us about the search and nominated candidates for this position particularly the leaders of NAGAP, the association for graduate enrollment management, who generously publicized this opportunity to their members.


In the spring we completed two searches for Drew University: Director of Purchasing and University Budget Director.  Both hired candidates are thriving in their new positions.


If you are a current client of the firm we thank you for your confidence in selecting KULPER & COMPANY to work with you and your colleagues.


If your organization is contemplating attracting and hiring a new leader we will be pleased to have a confidential phone discussion about your hiring need; please call us at (973) 285-3850.


KULPER & COMPANY, founded in 1997, focuses on completing search assignments for companies, universities and not for profit organizations; we take a creative and energetic approach to every search assignment we accept.   We are particularly experienced in completing “C”/cabinet & director level searches in the areas of marketing, sales, admissions/enrollment management, finance, academic administration, human resources, operations, research/innovation, new product development and other areas.   We pride ourselves in delivering highly personalized service to our clients and candidates.  We are not a production line shop with multiple staff members handling various aspects of your search.  We effectively reach out to candidates who we believe will be the right fit for our clients. Our track record of success is excellent.  Our hired candidates are routinely promoted multiple times and enjoy long job tenure.  If our style of executive search consulting sounds appealing, please reach out to us in confidence at or (973) 285-3850.




KDK Musings.......


If you haven’t read Profiles in Courage in a long time---or ever---it might be a good time to pick up the book and have a look at a few of the passages; they are just as electric and compelling today as when President Kennedy wrote them over 50 years ago.   Another book I can recommend is Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson who is a Princeton University historian.  His book is about the Civil War and the events that preceded and followed it.  I like it because he is a great writer and a master of the subject matter.


The patriots who fought and died for us over 200 years ago in places like Morristown, Bunker Hill and Saratoga understood how important national unity was in opposing the British.  National unity is just as important today.  We now have the responsibility to weigh the merits of our congressional and presidential candidates before we cast our votes in November.


With the election only a few months away and presidential candidates Trump and Clinton contesting for electoral wins in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and others it seems that the normal economic uncertainties that attend a presidential election are a bit muted in comparison. The dominant economic story is that US stock markets are near all-time highs; prospects for DOW 19500 by year end look very good; the US safe haven for foreign investors is part of the reason for this outlook as is the continued economic expansion and job growth.  The EURO declined significantly against the US Dollar in the wake of the BREXIT referendum making travel to Europe more compelling and their exports less expensive.  Chaotic and dangerous immigration of desperate people from Syria, Iraq and Africa appears to have slowed somewhat as EU members like Austria and Hungary have essentially closed their borders; others will surely follow this course of action.  The free movement of people across borders in Europe is now threatened by the upheavals outside the Euro region.   A fundamental principle of the EU is now under fire.  Political stability in neighboring regions is essential for peace and the future growth and development of the EU---and ultimately the world.   Our next president will need to formulate an effective foreign policy response to these difficult issues.  


In the US home mortgage re-financing has picked up along with capital expenditures and job growth.  Gas prices remain low and have tipped even lower over the past few weeks.  Asia has seen its explosive growth mitigate a bit but the scale of the economies of China, India and Japan continue to exert powerful stimulus to the global economy.


Here at KULPER & COMPANY we are experiencing solid demand for our executive search consulting services.  We expect that the second half of 2016 will be busy for us; watch for new search announcements in the weeks ahead.    Looking further ahead, 2017 should be an excellent year for our firm as we conduct new search assignments for new and current clients; it will be our 20th Anniversary of service in 2017.  


Our family is always doing interesting things.  Right now our son, Sloan is in California meeting with various leaders in the medical devices industry to help support the growth of his company, LifeSpans.   Take a look at the website---the work he and his colleagues are doing at the forefront of new product development in the field of medical devices is really very interesting. I am proud to say that my long-time friend and fellow Boston College alumnus, Richard Russo, is generously serving on the LifeSpans board.  So many of our friends have been helpful to Sloan over the years; thanks so much for all your many kindnesses.    Our daughter, Kendall is polishing the final draft of her next Young Adult Fiction novel; this one is set in the Old West and promises to be an exciting and action filled read.  Her first novels, Salt & Storm and Drift and Dagger, published by Little Brown, enjoy quite a following here in the US and internationally.  They have been published in many languages; most recently, in Hungarian.  Kendall speaks regularly at book festivals, book stores and libraries; lots of fun for Kendall and her fans.   Our little granddaughter, Iris, is almost two and is quite a lot of fun!   My golf game is actually getting better!  How is that possible, you say? It is all in the follow through—some lucky putts and a mulligan once in a while!  My wife Denise and I enjoy our lives together very much---we celebrated 39 years of marriage on July 23rd—a red letter day, indeed.


Wishing you and your family much health and happiness in the days ahead!


Let us know how you are doing; we are always interested in receiving an update from you.   Also, be sure to be in touch should your organization need help with a key hiring need; we will be very responsive.









Keith Kulper



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