December 03, 2015





December 3, 2015

We want to begin by first acknowledging the tragedy in San Bernardino, CA; our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families as well as with the brave law enforcement officials and medical first responders on the scene.  We wonder what it will take to see an end to wanton violence like this; it is so sad. Write your Congressman about it and ask what he or she is doing about adopting new gun legislation to make it much harder for guns to be obtained by the wrong people.

The biggest news now coming out of Paris is decidedly more positive than the tragic events that transpired there so recently. The World Climate Summit appears to be making progress as leaders discuss how best to safeguard our planet for the generations to come.  It will be very interesting to learn the results of their efforts.   Bill Gates and like-minded leaders have made an announcement of their energy coalition to fund early stage companies engaged in a wide array of renewable and green energy initiatives that will be supportive of the goals of the World Climate Summit.  

Here are few details with respect to what Bill Gates and friends are advocating and supporting with billions of dollars in funding:


Here at KULPER & COMPANY we have been involved with an investment in an early stage energy storage company, Lightening Energy which is focused on developing specialized energy storage applications.    Our CEO, Mike Epstein, has worked very hard to stand up the company, win contracts and push our research efforts forward.   The best is yet to come for LE as more and more emphasis is being placed on the creation of advanced energy storage systems.  We look forward to continued growth for LE in the years ahead.


Current Search Activity

In the past weeks searches for NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard have been completed; we wish the hired candidates much success.   Our current search for Drew University is moving forward on schedule.   To learn more about our current and completed searches please click here.

We regularly hear from companies, universities and Not for Profit organizations interested in learning about our service capabilities.  If your organization has a search need please write to us in confidence:

We will get back to you quickly and schedule a phone call time to learn more about your hiring need. 


How to “get found” by us---if you would like to be a Candidate for one of our searches

If you learn about one of our searches because you are NEWS FROM...subscriber or have received a forwarded copy of our newsletter from a friend or colleague we will look forward to  reviewing your background information; so, please respond to us.

To raise your online profile and make it easier for KULPER & COMPANY ---(and other search firms)---to find you, here are a few things you can do.

  1. Make sure your LINKED IN profile is up to date and complete; preferably with a high res digital head shot. 
  2. Join professional associations that match with your career focus and interests.  For example, if you are a CFO, you should consider joining the FEI.  Better yet, volunteer for a leadership position in your professional association---we always like to speak with the presidents of professional associations when we initiate candidate ID operations in support of a specific search assignment.
  3. Obtain professional certification.  For example, if you are a director of procurement obtain a CPPM.  Professional certification reflects your dedication to your professional field.
  4. Update your knowledge by obtaining an online grad certificate or degree.  For example, if you are responsible for cyber security the NYU Tandon School of Engineering offers terrific online graduate programs in this area.
  5. Sign up to receive email notifications when new position searches are announced by leading industry publications that are relevant for you.  For example, the Chronicle of Higher Education sends out a daily VITAE announcement regarding new senior level leadership searches posted on their site. 


Search Firm Etiquette TIP:

Calling a search firm to see if they have a position that matches with your background is almost always not a good use of time.   Please view the search firm’s website to learn about currently active searches…and then respond if you are interested in one of them.  Thank you!


KDK Musings

Regular readers of NEWS FROM…know that I like to share my economic view with our subscribers.  2015 has been overshadowed by worries of a FED interest rate increase. Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen strongly hinted that the FED will start raising rates later this month.  It is likely that December's rate rise will be followed by more throughout 2016.   An increase in the Fed bank lending rate has traditionally signaled an inversion in the yield curve---followed by a recession.   While it is possible that a recession could occur this time, I think it is unlikely and most reputable economists agree.   The unprecedented aggressive monetary policy exercised by the FED in response to the Great Recession has worked.  The FED’s key goals are very consistent: support job growth and keep inflation low.    Our economy is back on track.  Inflation is just about non-existent and job growth ---while steady for the past several years--- is nowhere near a peak point particularly for the tech sector.  So any FED action on interest rates is going to be very cautious.   

But is the wolf lurking?  There are threats for sure.   I worry about regressive political pundits who think they have all the answers to what is wrong with America and the world and pound the fear drum instead of initiating helpful legislation.  Experienced progressive political leadership generally produces the best long term results; it stimulates the economy, encourages investment and lifts everybody’s boat.  The long awaited federal transportation bill is about to be approved---a $325 Billion federal spending plan to shore up bridges, tunnels and roadways across the country.   Americans on both sides of the aisle have finally convinced enough Congressional members to act on this vitally important initiative. It would have been great if we had done this back in 2009 or 2010, but, better late than never.   I have to think that this federal initiative will act to prod reluctant State legislatures—particularly in our home state of NJ--- to act in a similar fashion.     Tom Bracken, the head of the NJ State Chamber of Commerce summarized the initiatives he is calling to adopt; funding for transportation and infrastructure is central.  

2016 should be a good year for economic growth and development in the United States; here is the CONFERENCE BOARD’s forecast.   I always like to offer my prediction for the DOW so here it is: DOW 19,250 on 12/31/16….about a 7.25% increase over 2015.  Unemployment will fall to 5 %  or less, as more and more people will be hired for jobs in healthcare, tech, software, logistics, pharma, manufacturing and of course, construction, too. 

The need for search consulting service will remain strong.   Clients who want to attract the right candidate for a critically important position will retain the services of experienced search consulting firms.   Globally, executive search consulting is a $10 Billion + industry.   We appreciate the many fine client relationships we have developed over the years and look forward to continued service to current and new clients alike.


A few updates about the activities of KULPER family members.   Our daughter Kendall, published her second Young Adult Fiction novel, Drift & Dagger this fall; she has been asked to speak at book festivals and book stores regularly throughout the year.  Her books will make a great Holiday gift for a young person; they are available on!  Our son Sloan, is nearing the completion of his PhD at The University of Hong Kong.  His PhD research is focused on the creation of a novel bone screw for use by orthopedic surgeons on patients with degenerative spinal disease.   An article about Sloan’s bone screw appeared in the 2015 RISD Alumni Magazine.  Our granddaughter, Iris Toniatti celebrated her first birthday in August and is thriving; my wife, Denise spends a good deal of her time on the train to Boston to see Iris and her parents!   I very much enjoy being a grandfather along with my diverse interests: rose gardening, golf (would love to break 85), tennis, music, art…all challenging and fun.  


We hope you and your family are doing great and looking forward to the Holiday Season ahead.

Wishing you warmest regards from your friends at KULPER & COMPANY!



Keith D. Kulper