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2/3/12 Edition:

Good morning KULPER & COMPANY Contact Network Members:

I have been contemplating writing to you all for several weeks----part of my tardiness has been due to our level of activity here at KULPER.....we are very busy!  Our level of activity signals excellent news for our clients, prospects and candidates....and particularly for our associates here at KULPER.   We finished 2011 with the completion of several major searches in our key area of search consulting:  Where Academia meets Corporate Innovation

But the big news this morning is today's very positive jobs report---please click on the link to my Blog for more about the jobs #


Academic Search Practice

We are announcing a major new search today:

Dean, College of Liberal Arts---Norwich University

As many of you know our client Norwich University is one of America's most interesting and innovative universities.  Founded in 1819 by an educational visionary, Captain Alden Partridge, Norwich has been integrating academic and experiential education in ways that have helped forge entirely new pathways for higher education, worldwide.  The hired candidate will be the first Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.  

To learn more about this opportunity/view the position description, interested candidates should visit:



Department Head, Civil Engineering--NYU Poly

Our international search for the head of civil engineering at NYU Poly is nearing completion.  The candidate slate is excellent.  NYU Poly has big plans to enlarge its global footprint in the dynamic field of Urban Systems which essentially deals with the academic research and corporate innovation partnerships using such technologies as sensors, data processing, transportation systems, structural design and materials to create the "smart cities" of the 21st Century. Led by President Jerry M. Hultin of NYU Poly and John Sexton of NYU these efforts are pointed towards enhancing life in cities through the efforts academic and corporate collaborations.   Academic inquiry is the fountainhead for the discovery of new knowledge.  The new CE Head at NYU Poly will be a key player in driving research, teaching and urban initiatives that will benefit the world.  

Corporate Innovation Practice

At year end, we completed a key search for the Manager of R&D for VOLTAIX, a company that works on developing specialty gases and materials primarily for use by  silicon chip and solar panel industries.  We worked closely with the CTO, President and R&D Team at Voltaix to attract an outstanding candidate for the role.   We look forward to more assignments like this during 2012.

Earlier in the year we completed a hire for an advanced Battery Engineer for Lightening Energy and we are currently working on a search for an Electrical Engineer for them. 

We are becoming increasingly well-known for our ability to attract outstanding candidates in the very rarerified field of science and technology engineering and product development.  We have worked for some of the largest companies in the world in this area like Honeywell.   Our email inbox is active with inquiries from companies seeking to drive their growth through a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship

The cultures of the companies are unique and very interesting. We work hard and trying to understand how each organization ticks and as a result we are able to bring forward candidates who are both well qualified and highly likely to succeed.

Please be in touch with us if you have a senior level hiring need that you would like to discuss for your organization.  We can be reached via email or via telephone.  Our contact information is detailed on our website: http://www.kulpercompany.com/?p=contact

KDK Musings

Thanks for your many kind words over the years concerning "Musings..."  It is always fun to talk about what interests me and have you send me comments.

Today's Jobs Report is yet another great signal for the US and...global economy since we are the world leader.  America has gone through many wrenching changes during the last decade beginning with the tragedy of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic collapse brought on by unbridled greed and recklessness.   Threats to prosperity and growth will of course continue but we have turned a corner and please---it is after all, Friday----exhale, think positively and look forward to a steady increase in economic growth as we move forward in 2012 ---and the following several years.

Our firm could not be busier right now and prospects for our growth are very bright.  Please let me know how you are doing---I look forward to hearing from you.

2011 was filled with elation and some sadness to for our family.  Our daughter Kendall married the love of her life, Dave Toniatti this past summer.  They are terrific young people and after Dave finishes his PhD at U Chicago in economics ( in a few years) they will be looking to make their next steps in their life and career.  Kendall is working on a novel and working on the many projects that interest her  She designed and built furniture in their apartment and has become quite a good cook, too.  God bless them---they are great young people.

We lost our aunt this year---my Mom's sister, Iris.  For me, Titi was like a 2nd mother, and I will always treasure the many happy memories of her wonderful spirit; we miss her greatly but know that Heaven got a little better when she arrived!

Our son, Sloan completed his Fulbright Fellowship in Bangladesh and is now considering applications to medical school in his desire to become a great physician with a deep interest and talent for product design.  

Denise and I are doing just great.  We are looking forward to some fun trips together this summer and for those of you who have sampled her "famous toffee" I hope you will continue to enjoy it in the future!

Well ---that's all for today

Enjoy the SUPER BOWL....GO Giants!

Warm regards....








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