August 02, 2011

NEWS From KULPER & COMPANY August 2, 2011

KD Kulper

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is always a pleasure to write and send out a new edition of NEWS FROM.... 

Right now we are getting ready to attend the PICMET Conference in Portland Oregon.   The conference, now in its 20th year of operation, is the premier gathering of academics, business and government policy makers devoted to research and development in the field of technology innovation and management.   I was honored to have been asked by  PICMET founding President & CEO, Professor Dundar Kocaoglu to be a keynote speaker on August 4th.  For those of you who are curious about my remarks I hope you will visit to see the text of my speech. 

Other NEWS...

NEW Search Assignments about to begin!

We are working through the final preliminaries of several new searches at this time and will be announcing them to all of you soon.  We have senior academic searches for NYU POLY and NORWICH University about to begin as well as senior corporate searches for VOLTAIX, a fast growing specialty gases and materials company as well as continuing searches for LIGHTENING Energy (LE) an advanced battery company which is now in the prototype manufacturing phase.   All are exciting assignments and indicative of our commitment to working at the intersection of academic research and corporate entrepreneurship.  Details about the positions will be released very soon.   

KULPER Advisory Board: Case Study Seminar held on July 22, 2011

As some of you may know, KULPER & COMPANY operates an Advisory Board.  The KULPER Advisory Board (KAB) is designed to create a forum for members to network with one another and to help support the growth and development of the firm.   During the year we hold various meetings of the KAB.  Last week we held the first in our series of Case Study seminars which was ably led by Professor William Matthewson from the Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson University.  Dr Matthewson, did a great job stimulating a lively discussion concerning a case study of a search for a Director of Product Development for a major Specialty Chemicals & Materials company; feedback from the attendees was very positive.   We expect to hold more of these sessions in the coming weeks ahead.   If you are interested in attending a future Case Study Seminar or learning more about the KAB please contact me. 

MORE News and a few Musings from KDK   

The biggest news to announce is the wedding of our daughter, Kendall to Dave Toniatti which will take place this month.   It has been amazing watching the planning for this event...I think the recent Royal Wedding could not have been much more involved!  My wife Denise and Kendall and various and sundry family members have done an incredible job.   Kendall and Dave are very happy to be moving forward in their marital union.  Kendall and Dave plan to live in Chicago where Dave will complete his studies for a PhD in Economics from U Chicago and Kendall will move ahead with her plans to become a professional writer of young person's fiction.  

Our son, Sloan, is doing well in Bangladesh where he is pursuing research in Social Entrepreneurship and Product Design for newly emerging countries in fulfillment of his Fulbright Fellowship.  He is teaching a course right now in product design at BRAC University but expects to travel home to NJ for the wedding in time to play in the golf outing, get his suit tailored and party hardy; way to go, Sloan!  One other key tidbit: Sloan turned 30 today!  So, Happy Birthday, Sloan Austin---we love you very much!

Why break the magical feeling with musings about the world that you can read about in the NY Times or Barrons?  Here are some much more personal reflections.   What more can we want out of life than happiness and health?  Mom was right about that...and so many other truly important things.   We are blessed to be alive in the early 21st century.  People live longer and better----for the most part and more people are getting participate in essential human rights.   As my hero Joseph Campbell ( Power of Myth) would say our lot in life is to participate in the biggest challenge of all---to have the courage to follow our bliss and to become---always become, not just be.  Our great stories and religions are filled with much more unifying thematic ideas than opposing ones because we humans do share in so many common fundamental beliefs, needs and hopes.   So, on this beautiful day in August --way out here in the Pacific Northwest---I send you greetings and wish for you and your family only the very best that life can offer.

With warm regards,

Keith Kulper

President & Founder