September 29, 2010

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Hired candidate success rate length of service/increase in responsibility is directly related to the degree understanding of job deliverables, "by when" before being hired.

NEWS of our Practice

Welcome to the new format of NEWS From......KULPER & COMPANY.   Our email newsletter service provider, Net Atlantic has done a great job creating the template and this is our first issue in the new format.  Many thanks to our friends at Net Atlantic, particulary Bryan Weiner who patiently worked with me on this project.     We will continue to use NEWS announce news of our practice, new search assignments and serve as a platform for the ever popular, KDK Musings.   Looking forward to reading your notes and replies.

New KULPER Website:   We are constantly adding new content to it.   What you will find is a site devoted to making it easy for prospective clients to learn about our value proposition and what it will be like to work with us.  For candidates, they will find well written and attractively presented position specs to help them evaluate a potential job opportunity, better understand how best to interact with a search firm as well as to how to effectively network when they are in transition.  

Key Client Feedback about KULPER & COMPANY In a series of interview conducted by a professional outside marketing/PR firm the consensus about KULPER is that we offer highly personalized service, creative strategies to attract "A" level candidates motivated to make a move; we are honest; caring,  hard working ; deliver excellent value for the money and partner in a way that builds real trust while consistently delivering the "right hired" candidate. 

Most frequent quotes from the Client Feedback:
".....we could not have completed the search without the assistance of KULPER & COMPANY"
"I highly recommend KULPER & COMPANY; Keith Kulper is easy to work with, gained our trust and respect and gets the promised results"

" The next search we need to complete will be handled by KULPER & COMPANY; their style is highly personalized.  They were available to us when we needed them and guided us smoothly through the search process. "
You will note that we have posted up a case study about the Norwich VPAA search
If you are considering a search for a senior level leader for your university we urge you to look over this case study.  Using a professional to guide a search produces long lasting results and high value for the dollar

After a great deal of careful research and plenty of hard work,  that included interviews with our clients, hired candidates and members of our advisory board we unveiled our new website a few months ago.   Please visit 


KULPER & COMPANY Focus: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We accept search assignments from universities and companies who work closely together to promote new product and service solutions.   The universities have a strong focus in business and engineering.   The future of America and the world is underpinned by our ability to innovate to solve problems and increase quality of life for all people.   For those that are driving innovation ---the real risk takers---the road to success is often not clear.  This is why the best and brightest are attracted to this pursuit and why we feel fortunate to be a search firm focused on helping these innovators succeed.   

Higher Education: Trustees, Presidents Deans and Provosts/VPAAs,chaired professors and program directors.  

Corporate: C Level Leaders and their direct reports

The stakes are high and we are ready to deliver the right candidates to make a difference.  The unifiying factor among our corporate and higher education clients is their drive and determination to  innovate and lead.    To the extent that your university or company is devoted to leveraging its growth through a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, KULPER is the right firm for you.   We will take the time to listen and attract the right candidate; an experienced professional who will understand what it takes to succeed and help make your institution or company,

Getting the right hired candidate "on the bus" is one of the most important factors in creating a high performance organization.  Selecting the right executive search consultant to direct your key search can make all the difference.


KDK Musings

As loyal readers of NEWS FROM...can attest, my view of the economy tends to emphasize the positive.   Things are really never as bad as most of the news indicates.   We know that we are in for a longer and slower recovery and that is because we were on the brink of disaster only two years ago.  Job creation, the real economic multiplier is slowly but steadily happening, but not quickly enough to make most economists happy, us here at KULPER & COMPANY or our political leadership on both sides of the aisle.  

The FED will continue to try all it can to help stimulate the economy.   Monetary policy is a tricky business.  We have a yield curve that is still in "hockey stick" form which signals future economic growth.  The DOW is moving back towards 11,000.   Usually gold goes down when the DOW goes up---right?   So, my "goldbug" friends tell me that it is all about currency valuation---gold is a safe haven not the dollar, they argue.   Frankly, predictions of gold at $1200/ounce seemed fantastic to me only 6 months ago.   Now we are hearing predictions of $1500, 2000, 2500.....I think we will see $800/ounce before we see gold going to $2000 because I believe that the FED's monetary policy will finally work, unemployment will come down, consumer confidence will go up, durable goods order will go up, the dollar--the best worldwide currency there is--will strengthen, interest rates will rise slowly and we will see more normal GDP growth rates.   To the extent that our clients will start hiring again and unemployment will drop?  Anecdotal activity suggests to us here that hiring is increasing right now.   Many of our colleagues at other search firms report increased activity and the networking group leaders tell us that their members are being called in for interviews, reversing many months of zero activity.

In the meantime, if you are thinking about hiring the right leader for a key role in your university or company the time do that is right now.  Implementing your strategic imperatives will help drive our economy so, don't wait until you see your competitor hiring--be bold--we will help you at all levels from Board/Trustee, to President, CEO, Dean, Provost, VP and their direct reports.  

Additional NEWS
Our son, Sloan is getting ready to head back to China.   He will be there working with his colleagues at One Earth Design (OED).  OED is comprised of a group of brilliant young people dedicated to improving life by designing products for people who live off the grid around the world---several billion of them at last count.   OED has won major grants from the MIT Design Challenge and others like them.  Sloan will be heading off to Bangladesh in January to start a FULBRIGHT Scholarship to pursue his research in social entrepreneurship.  Hey, some of you guys knew him when he designed the first KULPER website!  Way to go, Sloan!

Our daughter, Kendall and her wonderful fiance, Dave Toniatti have announced their wedding date---August 20, 2011. Congratulations to them both----wonderful news for the Kulper and Toniatti families.  Dave is great guy studying for his doctorate in Economics at U Chicago; Kendall produces the "Hayes Advantage" on Bloomberg radio AM 1630. 

This past weekend I was inducted into the Delbarton School  Hall of Honor  It is really quite a thrill to be an inductee.   Delbarton has been a big part of our family for more than 50 years.   The school has shaped my life in many ways and we are big supporters at many levels --so, it is very nice to be recognized in this way.   My wife, Denise and I were thrilled that several of our family members travelled so far to attend the ceremony.  We look forward to continuing to be of service to this fine school.

Special congratulations to Mike Epstein, CEO, Lightening Energy (LE)   Programs for key applications are now being implemented to help advance deployment of advanced battery technology in a variety of specialized applications. 

Also, special congratulations to Shihab Kuran, CEO, Petra Solar  Shihab is actively guiding the company through its early stage growth phase toward its becoming one of the key providers of solar based power.  Its recent collaborations with several leading electric utilities is paving the way toward greater and greater deployment of solar panels for direct energy generation.  Importantly, Petra Solar is creating new jobs in New Jersey, too.  

Well that is all for now--please keep in touch.






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