March 10, 2009

KULPER & COMPANY featured in Leadership Excelllence

Keith D K ulper


March 2009, Edition

WHEN WE STARTED OUR search firm 11 years ago, we pledged to remain curious about what works well. Many of our best ideas spring from simple practicality, and a need to get something done in a cost-effective manner. This is why we have so many wonderful innovations that solve complex problems and save money while improving outcome. I’ve listened to many vision statements over the years and talked with leaders about the need to attract and hire the right candidate for each position. Usually there are many candidates who can be right for a specific position. When clients ask: “So, how will you attract the right candidate for us?” I reply: “Finding the right candidate is the easy part – knowing that you have the right candidate when you meet him or her is the trick.” How can you best attract and hire the right candidates for key roles?

Leaders come in all types, shapes, and sizes. Undervalued leaders often possess the necessary experience, attributes, attitude, style and work ethic to succeed in a specific role, but they could be overlooked in the search or shunned by a hiring team that fails to accurately perceive value. Organizations that seek and attract the right hired candidate often hire an undervalued candidate who could outperform a higher priced candidate in a key position. To make this happen, you need to consider the position specification/job description and believe in the power of the process that promotes the job opportunity in such a way that the right candidates get so enthusiastic as to say: “this job description was written just for me”! The search firm acts as the steward of the search process in a highly ethical manner with no discrimination. Candidates who are right for the opportunity often may not fit a preconceived stereotype but will be a perfect fit when it comes to experience, desire, and capability. Again, the hard part is having the ability to see why an enthusiastic and experienced candidate is right. This takes hard work on the part of the hiring team, hiring executive and the search firm. The undervalued asset is what great investors and managers seek to uncover. When you begin to sign great talent overlooked by your prime competitors, you propel the organization forward. As you consider your approach to attracting top talent, think about the tangible outcomes you are striving to accomplish and then carefully identify what you want the hired candidate to accomplish – by when.

By meeting the hiring challenge, you improve your chances of identifying candidates with a verifiable track record of accomplishment that matches your needs among a broader swath of right candidates who may have not yet been noticed by your competitors.

Keith D. Kulper is President of Kulper Company. Call 973-285-3850 or email:
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